Cushe is a young, thoroughly designed brand made for individualists, who confesses to a dynamic and laidback lifestyle, whether they are cruising the asphalt, breaking the waves or opening the powder snow.
The story of Cushe begins in 2004 when a small group of experienced shoe designers from the outdoor and adventure industry decides to follow their hearts, do something completely new and create a personal style for the generations of freedom-loving board bohemians. Cushe is the result – a brand of idealism, dedication and courage to break boundaries and challenge existing genres. And above all a brand that stands for a unique design with a mine of both technical and trendy details.

Cushe combines the comfort and technology from the sports and outdoor segment with a casual skater style added self-imposed tropical fever and after-surfing wearing Panama hat and hammock. Cushe is designer lifestyle shoes with extremely high comfort, based on the ideology “Leaving a lighter footprint.”

The brand stands for consistent design inspired by the moment with a host of quirky details that make shoes, sandals and boots unique.